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What your university did not teach you

Are you a fresh graduate right out of university or are you a career professional with a few years of industry experience? Are you considering diving back into university life, embarking on a post graduate study in the hopes of escaping today’s tough job market and emerge unscathed and hopefully earning at a better bracket in the future?

Fear not. The New Zealand economy seems to be doing well. Regardless of what the market situation may be, we are eager to share with you some ideas that your university may not have had the time to teach you.

Expand your professional social circles

Going to the clubs, partying and running around in multiple university clubs’ social circles may have been the norm but have you thought about how to expand your professional social circles? Here’s a hint: if you’re in the Human Resources industry, consider joining HRINZ and attending some of their organised forums/ learning high teas. If you work in a lady’s circle, consider joining the Lean in New Zealand group. In any case, socialise with likeminded professionals! It’s all about nurturing relationships.

Start a blog

Write and contribute to a blog. This will help you set yourself apart from the countless others who are looking for their next job. This can be a platform where you are able to voice your professional opinion in your field of work. Do keep in mind though it should not be a ranting platform or a social media platform where anything goes.

Be proactive

Gone are the days where information is package nicely into neat and tidy bundles and shared with you through lectures. When you step out into the world, with Google at your fingertips, be proactive and identify the thought leaders and leading professionals in your field of interests. Learn more about the various companies that are in your geographical region, even if you would never be interviewing with them. By being proactive, you are creating that mind map in your brain of the various leaders and one day, this information may serve you well!

If you have any further questions about this topic or would like to find out more about the recruitment process/norms in New Zealand, please feel free to contact any of our consultants at careers@executiverecruiters.co.nz.