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Tailor your social network presence

It is common practice for recruiters or employers to in first instance Google a particular candidate of interest. With a simple stroke of a button, the World Wide Web coughs up everything in its archives containing any shreds of article containing a candidate’s name. There has been instances where candidates have been dropped from the shortlist due to their social network presence. We at Executive Recruiters would like to share some simple guidelines on tailoring your social network presence while you job hunt.

The first step: Google yourself. See what pops up on the list and work on the below:

Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter

Always set your personal Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter profile in Private mode. Your thoughts and feelings/ likes and dislikes expressed on your personal social media pages should never see the light of Google Search day.


Go to your privacy settings in LinkedIn and give some serious thought in putting together your professional online presence.

What if you would like to remove some online content?

Regretfully, it is pretty difficult. If you reside in Europe, one may take advantage of Google’s new policy concerning your “right to be forgotten”. Bad news for those outside of Europe, the only thing to help remove some online content would be to “bury” it. Post articles or write sensible things for your LinkedIn page and slowly but surely, some older online material will be “buried”.

Moving forward

Always think twice before posting everything. The World Wide Web never forgets and once materials go up on there, they never “unstick”.

Consider yourselves warned and good luck crafting your online presence for your job search ahead.

If you have any further questions about how to tailor your social network presence, the recruitment process/norms in New Zealand, please feel free to contact any of our consultants at careers@executiverecruiters.co.nz.