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Positive Communication

At Interviews and In General

How we present ourselves, both physically and verbally, reflects more about ourselves than we may be aware. In their recent book*, Geoff Morgan and Andrew Banks included a section on positive statements or words to use in letters or interviews. Here are some of them to give you some food for thought:

Don’t Say Do Say
I’m successful I have achieved a lot
I work long hours I’m hardworking
I’m a people person OR I like people I can relate well to people and they usually respond well to me
I’m a good manager I can get results through people
I’m told I’m pedantic I have an eye for detail and like to be thorough where practical
I come from the school of hard knocks I have practical rather than theoretical experience which I can put to use immediately
My family always comes first My work and my family are equally important in achieving a balanced lifestyle
I am looking for an attractive remuneration package I am seeking a level of remuneration commensurate with a challenging role and my experience and qualifications
What are the perks? Can you break down the package for me please
What are the budgets? If I am successful in getting the job, how will you measure my performance?
Does the job entail travelling? How much travel does the job entail?
Who would I report to? Where do I fit into the company’s structure?
I don’t like managing people I prefer to work in a functional or staff role OR without the responsibility of a team
I don’t like big companies I prefer to work in smaller groups or teams
I don’t like small companies I thrive on working within the infrastructure of a larger group or company
I am not looking for a job I am just in the exploratory stage at present

And last but not least:

I work hard and I play hard Don’t say it, they will assume you are drunk!


*Going up – how to get, keep and advance your career” by Geoff Morgan, Andrew Banks, Julie Zilko. Published by Collins Publishers Australia.

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