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How to impress in a Skype/ FaceTime/ Pre-Recorded Online Video interview

In today’s world, we are so technologically advanced that gone are the days of hopping on a bus for a long road trip to show up at an employer’s doorstep for an interview. Globalisation has arrived on our shores and for the better or for worst, online video interview formats are here to stay.

Although we are used to switching on our Skype/ FaceTime apps to phone family and friends, with a potential employer and possible job on the line, here are some things you will need to think about.

Set the scene

Before the start of the Skype interview, identify the placement of your device (laptop/phone). Set the scene ahead of time, keeping in mind the lighting and the surroundings. Are there beer bottles/ inappropriate posters/ laundry behind you if you are at home? If you are interviewing outside of home, are you in a quiet public place that is conducive to interviews? If you are in a public arena, alert your interviewer in advance. Once you have identified your Skype interview setting and prepped your surroundings, half your battle is won!

Check your device

Is your camera screen aligned with your face? Can the interviewer see you properly? Is your speaker switched on? Is your wifi connected smoothly? Do you have Skype downloaded on your laptop? Do you have a headset and microphone to speak into clearly?

No Pajamas, please

Interviewing online dressing does not differ much from a normal face-to-face interview. Careful consideration must be given to what you wear. Even though you will only be viewed from the waist up, do not give into the temptation of dressing down. Being properly dressed switches your brain into the performance mode and it will help you with the interview.

Be punctual!

Just like a normal interview, be early! You may not need to find a parking or catch the ferry to an interview but there is always the possibility of something going wrong, in this case, possible technical difficulties. Always have in hand your interviewer’s mobile number in case of any delay/ emergencies.

During the interview

Skype interviews are usually much shorter than an average face-to-face interview. This means you have less time to make a great first impression. Speak loudly and clearly, establish good eye contact with the interviewers, smile and posture yourself properly.

In case of technical difficulties

Always be honest with your interviewer if you are facing technical difficulties (i.e. you cannot hear what the interviewer is saying, you have troubles logging in etc). It is always better to come clean and reschedule than hide the fact that you are facing difficulties.

After the interview

Just like any other interview, after exchanging final pleasantries, sign off from the interview and send your interviewer a thank you note. This is simply common courtesy.
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