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Dealing with tricky interview questions

At one point or other in our life, we have been through this trial by fire – attending interviews. Sometimes we were successful, landing ourselves that dream job and some other times crashing and burning the interview questions so badly we would like to hide away for a good two weeks. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced dealing with tricky interview questions, it is better to be prepared for interview questions that vary in difficulty. In today’s competitive job market, questions are becoming tougher and trickier as employers try to find that much needed talent to join their organisation.

All in all, interviewers are not out to get you or trip you up. They are simply trying to do their job of identifying whether the candidate’s skills and experience are relevant, whether the candidate has a good attitude and express a genuine interest in the job. They also need to ascertain whether the candidate would fit in the organisation’s culture.

An easy acronym to remember and use when answering any interview questions, tricky ones or not, is the STAR method.

  • State – Provide background information and the context of the situation/ problem/ task
  • Task – What tasks were you personally responsible for?
  • Action – Explain how you identified and applied the solution to the situation/ problem/ task
  • Result – What was the outcome?

The STAR method would allow you to organise your thoughts and provide an easy to remember framework when illustrating real-life examples to the interviewers. If you have thoroughly prepared for the interview, keeping in mind some real-life examples, you should be able to respond intelligently.

At Executive Recruiters, all our candidates are given proper guidance and coaching on how to impress the interviewers. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact any of our consultants at careers@executiverecruiters.co.nz.